Dr. Joshua Cole can Treat your pain
and get you back to life faster

Inflammation, pulled muscles, stress fractures, torn ligaments, back and shoulder issues ... these are just a few injuries caused by:

  • Accidents and traumatic impact

  • Activities with repetitive motion

  • Over training

  • Not preparing properly for an activity

At Cole Sports Chiropractic & Rehab, we treat patients of all ages and ability levels from office workers to professional and Olympic athletes. As an experienced Chiropractor and distinguished Diplomate American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians, Dr. Joshua Cole, DC, DACBSP can help you heal from common ailments, accidents and athletic injuries resulting from day-to-day life so you can perform at  your maximum potential. 

If you have an injury that is causing you pain, interfering with your everyday life or impeding your progress toward your athletic goals, schedule an appointment with Dr. Cole. After conducting an evaluation, Dr. Cole will determine the root cause of your issue, treat your specific problem, and teach you ways to avoid future injury. By treating injuries promptly, you can begin the healing process and keep an injury from advancing to a chronic condition. 

Our services extend past the expected and include injury prevention, performance enhancement, nutrition and rehabilitation services. Utilizing the latest proven treatment options, we'll help you return faster to the active, pain-free lifestyle you enjoy! 


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